15 Good Dissertation Topics In Community Health Nursing

In making a choice of topic to explore and write on for your dissertation, it is important that you choose a title that is purely in line with your research interests. As a student nurse, you can be asked to choose dissertation topics in community health nursing, general nursing, public health, mental health, environmental health, clinical management, occupational health/safety and lots of other interesting topics. If your topic falls within community health nursing, then you are at the right page because right here, you will find an extensive list of 15 interesting topics you can explore. These topics are as follows:

  1. To what extent has the community met up the needs of the elderly struggling with mental health issues?
  2. Community nursing facilities and ethnicity – A look at the relationship
  3. The impact of community nursing on promotion of health in the rural areas
  4. A look at the healthcare needs of expectant mothers and children in Leicestershire
  5. A review of policies and practices that will ensure adequate community nursing services to nursing mothers.
  6. An analysis of the quality of life of senior citizens in various residential care facilities
  7. The impact of effective team work on community nursing – A review of UK community healthcare system
  8. Has there been any success in introducing community health care programs in certain areas where they are most needed? A review
  9. How can “stop-smoking” campaigns be effectively carried out through community nursing facilities, putting gender, age, and ethnic background into focus?
  10. A qualitative study of the impact of community nursing on the ability of patients living with obstructive pulmonary diseases to self-manage
  11. Should community nurses be given the power to not only influence certain policies that regulate their practice, but also make changes when necessary?
  12. An analysis of the relationship between ethnicity and health – How do people from different ethnic backgrounds view the community nursing centres?
  13. A look at the role of community nursing facilities in educating the residents on the dangers of obesity and preventive measures
  14. Effective methods of addressing the healthcare needs of newborns in through community health nursing activities.
  15. To what extent do the existing welfare ideologies benefit the patients as far as community health facilities are concerned?

These are some of the topics that would work very well for your community health nursing and mental health nursing dissertation. After you must have settled for a given topic, you will need to carry out researches that would guide you towards creating a proposal which if approved, you will then devote time to writing a very informative and thought-provoking academic paper. To help make the process as easier as possible, you can go through examples of related papers from other students, both from your university and any other universities. If you settle for an interesting topic, you will surely not have any difficulty in gathering data and at the same time, offering valuable research that would help improve the various community health nursing facilities.