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INCLAM is the parent company of an international group with presence in Europe, Latin America and Africa. The Group consists of 19 companies that join together to provide sector and geographical support at their locations, whose main vectors are water and the environment. We specialise in consulting and engineering, placing special emphasis on the water-related sector: evaluation, planning and comprehensive management of basins, water treatment, turnkey projects, construction work management and supervision and managing adaptation and climate change mitigation projects.

The technological component has always been part of the activity engaged in by the Group, a pioneer in the development of water engineering software. Thanks to its expertise in the industry, the Group develops business software that is capable of providing solutions to the industry's needs. The Group's technical team and IT engineers have focused all their efforts on streamlining the sector, which has given rise to the development of customised systems and applications that improve productivity and resource enhancement, always guaranteeing operability and client satisfaction. Without a doubt, INCLAM is one of the best in its class in the Engineering and Consulting sector in the field of water.